Nichols Apartments

What else would you say about Nichols Apartments?

"I feel very safe here."

"I honestly very much enjoyed living here."

"I personally prefer face-to-face interaction."

"Price (low with utilities included!). Plus, very nice and helpful landlords."

"Furnished!!! YAY. Close to campus."

"Parking. It's nice that when friends come to visit they can park in our lot for a few hours w/out worrying about being towed."

"Unlike when I lived with XXXXX, I feel like management isn't out to get me & scam me out of what little $$$$ I have."


Why are you returning to Nichols Apartments for another lease period?

"Affordability, location, washer/dryer, consistency, friendly landlords, parking, furnished, convenience."

"Somewhat price, but definitely management."

"Management is very good, nice not having to deal with the red tape of the bigger apartment companies."

"Price, location, Management, and not wanting to move."

"I'm satisfied with current living conditions and do not wish to move all my stuff to another cheaper place because it would not be worth the hassle where the management would probably be far less friendly & understanding as well."